One way to look good all the time

We spend so much money every year on things to make us look good. New clothes, new shoes, new hair, new nails, new faces even. But what about a new mouth? One that you can’t wait to show off by smiling and laughing a lot, and one that isn’t ever going to go out of fashion? That’s quite an investment and one that’s worth the trouble, as you’ll find out when you choose to visit the cosmetic dentist in Kingston.

Cosmetic Dentist in KingstonAt Kingston Dental Clinic, we have often seen the positive beneficial effects of spending time having treatment at the cosmetic dentist in Kingston. Yes, this is dentistry you choose to have in order to improve the way your teeth and gums look, but the result is often a massive boost in confidence and spontaneity for the patient.

If you have spent your life trying not to smile too much because you hate the way your teeth look, then you are in for a huge surprise. Once you no longer need to keep your lips pressed together when you smile, or cover your mouth with your hand, you will find a new freedom of expression. It might take a while to get used to not having to cover up your grin. You may find that you are far more noticeable than you used to be because you no longer need to hide yourself. Perhaps you’ll be stepping onto the bus and giving the driver a big smile, and because of your cheery attitude, you’ll notice that everyone on the bus is staring at you. Yes, even in London, where no one ever makes eye contact with anyone.

You’ll find people are smiling back at you. That person on the tube, at the checkout, gorgeous people in bars, all of them are hardwired to smile back and warm to your lovely, friendly smile. This is because our smile is our most important tool of non-verbal communication, and it’s how we let people know we are a friend. If you have never experienced people’s reactions to a great smile, it might seem rather overwhelming at first, but persevere. You’ll never regret the time and money you spent with the cosmetic dentist in Kingston.