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Examination (includes 2 small x-rays) £48
Restorability consultation (filling, crowns, onlays) £48
Examination of Oral Lesions and Lumps £48
Small X-ray £10
Full mouth digital X-ray OPG £55
Dry Mouth Counselling Appointment £48
Oral Hygiene and Nutritional Counselling Appointment £48
Oral Cancer Prevention Counselling Appointment £48
Emergency Appointment (including small x-ray and temporary treatment) £85
Routine Hygiene £75
Airflow Advanced stain removal (additional to hygiene for removal of finer stains tea, coffee, wine tobacco) Additional £30
Periodontal Diagnosis (full mouth gum and pocket assessment in gum disease management) £50
Root planing (Deep Gum Cleaning for gum disease management) From £80 (per quadrant)
Periodontal Surgery (Advanced gum treatments) From £250
Gum contouring (Gingivectomy) From £150
Crown lengthening surgery From £275
Splinting of mobile Teeth From £200
Gum Grafting Surgery From £500
White composite filling (depending on number of surfaces) £150-240
Preventative Fissure Sealant £80
Temporary filling From £80
Amalgam Polish £50
Composite polish £50
Crowns (Tooth colour Porcelain, Zirconia, Emax) From £695
Onlays From £550
Bridges From £695
Restorability assessment (removal of crown, bridge, filling/decay to assess if tooth can be restored) £150
Root canal treatment From £450 - £650
Re-Root canal treatment From £650
Examination (including fluoride application) £30
Scale and polish From £50
Sports mouthguard (customisation available) From £80
(This may involve a combination of teeth straightening, whitening, Bonding, Veneers, Crowns, this will be discussed in your free consultation, video consultations also available)
Cosmetic Consultation Free
Porcelain veneers From £695
Composite Bonding From £250
Boutique Home Teeth Whitening Kit £325
Enlighten Home Teeth Whitening Kit £675
In-house Zoom Laser Whitening From £325
In-house + Home Whitening (full mouth) From £600
Internal Tooth Whitening per tooth From £300
Inside/outside Tooth Whitening per tooth From £500
Veneers Package Upon discussion, whitening included
Bonding Package Upon discussion, whitening included
Clear Aligners consultation Free
Clear Aligners From £1400
Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine Consultation £48
Extractions From £185
Extraction with Oral Surgeon From £250
Wisdom Teeth Extractions From £250
Biopsy of Small Tumours and Lumps (sent for pathological analysis) From £180
Bone Regeneration From £300
Bone Regeneration with Dentine Graft (Using Patient's Own Extracted Tooth) From £200
Sinus Lift From £1500
Apical Surgery (Apicectomy) From £450
Labial Frenectomy From £250
Cyst Removal From £250
Soft and/or Hard Tissue Surgeries From £250
First TMJ and Orofacial Pain Consultation (with Specialist TMJ and Orofacial Pain Physiotherapist) £95
Follow-up Appointment (with Specialist TMJ and Orofacial Pain Physiotherapist) £75
Dual Laminate Mouthguard From £195
Hard Occlusal Splint (for TMJ and Orofacial Pain) From £650
First Missing Teeth Consultation Free
Single Implant + Crown From £1800
Implant Bridge 2 implants + 3 Crowns From £3500
Full Arch Fixed Teeth (Same Day Teeth) with Implants and Transitional Bridge From £10000
Full Arch Implants and Overdenture From £5000
Chrome-cobalt Partial Denture From £500
Acrylic Partial Denture From £250
Full Acrylic Denture From £500
Denture Repair From £90
Child Exam for Free with Adult examination booking
NHS Keyworkers Discount 10%
Student Discount 10%

Fees correct as of February 2024

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