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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Kingston Upon Thames

The most “tooth-like” option available. A dental implant replaces the root of the natural tooth. After implants are placed in the bone, artificial tooth crowns are attached to them, enabling normal function and natural tooth appearance. They can be to replace single or multiple teeth. We offer free initially consultations to find what suits you.

Step 1

Consultation / CBCT - Careful planning of the placement and aesthetics will be undertaken

Step 2

You may be required to place a bone graft prior to the placement to ensure a secure foundation for implant placement for successful long term outcome.

Step 3

Implant placement and healing. This is carried out under local anaesthetic in a sterile environment.

Step 4

The implant ‘abutment’ (crown or bridge) is placed over the implant, aesthetically blending in with your natural teeth.


If your dentures are becoming uncomfortable and tiring, we have a fast, efficient and comfortable solution. All-on-4 is a revolutionary and highly advanced new method that allows a full mouth of new teeth to rest with complete, proven stability on only four implants.

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