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Fractured or Broken Teeth
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"I had a traffic accident which resulted in me needing emergency work done over a weekend(teeth bonding to replace 2 broken teeth). The staff were very understanding and helpful and within a few hours of my accident I had my smile back again! Really happy with the work and as previously mentioned the staff were really nice and helpful which to me was another big plus!"
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Fractured or Broken Teeth in Kingston Upon Thames

We will assess the underlying cause whether this is due to tooth decay, grinding/clenching, aging or biting on hard food to advise on treatment options.

Composite Filling Inlays or Onlays Porcelain Veneers Crowns
Treatment Time
Approximately 1hour per tooth Usually 2 office visits; 1-2 hours each per tooth 2 office visits; 4 hours each 2-3 office visits; 1-2 hours each per tooth
Treatment Longevity
5-8 years Gold: 6-20 years
Porcelain: 5-15 years
Composite resin: 5-12 years
5-12 years 5-15 years

Esthetic (tooth-colored)


Completed in 1 office visit

Extremely good bond to tooth structure

Less expensive than crowns or inlays

More conservative than crowns because less tooth reduction required

May not be perfect colour blend

Well-suited for large cavities

Longest lasting
Wears more like tooth structure
Will not fracture

Esthetic (tooth-colored)
Stronger than posterior composite resin
Extremely good bond to tooth structure
Will not stain

Composite resin:
May be less expensive than other options

Excellent bond to enamel

Less tooth reduction required than crowning

Less staining than bonding

The dentist can improve shape of teeth

Some realignment or straightening of teeth is possible

Can be all-ceramic

The greatest esthetic change is possible with this option


More expensive than amalgam

Wears easily

Can stain, chip, or fracture

May have a shorter life expectancy than silver, gold, or porcelain

Less suited for large cavities

More expensive than amalgam

Metal can show
Takes 2 office visits
Noninsulating (conducts heat and cold)

Can fracture
Takes 2 office visits (unless it is designed and created by machine in the dentist's office)
Possible wear of opposing natural tooth

Composite resin:
Wears faster

Difficult to repair if the veneer cracks or chips

Staining can occur between the porcelain and the margin of the tooth

Cannot be lightened or bleached

Can fracture

Requires an anesthetic

Involves reduction of tooth structure

May decay if cement washes out

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