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Oral Surgery
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"After a very insightful and helpful consultation, I had to undergo extraction of the tooth which Dr Matin Ahmadi made into a quick and fuss-free experience. Very professional and high quality service."
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Oral Surgery in Kingston Upon Thames

Oral Surgery treatments include tooth extractions, biopsies, implant placements, excision of cysts/lumps, bone regeneration, socket preservation, hard and soft tissue surgery, wisdom teeth removals, labial frenectomies and apicectomies amongst others carried out by Dr Dipil, our in-house Oral Surgeon

Tooth Extractions:

In cases of advanced gum disease and tooth decay, teeth may need to be extracted. Some patients may have impacted wisdom teeth causing pain or damage to adjacent teeth which may need to be surgically removed.

Never attempt to remove your own tooth! Dentists have the right equipment and sterile environment to extract teeth with the utmost care and your recovery can be surprisingly quick.

Smart Dentin Grinder

At Kingston Dental Clinic, our approach is biological and conservative, using the latest innovation and techniques.

Did you know when you remove your teeth, they may be eligible to be "recycled" and re-used in your own mouth to provide new bone in the jaw? This is used to maintain the bone volume after removing the tooth to prevent gum recession, bone loss and cosmetic failure. It can also be used to create new bone material for implant placements.

Dr. Dipil Nathalal's research and publication on this technique has brought over this concept as one of the few and very first practices in the UK offering this option.

Guided Bone Regeneration and Alveolar Ridge Preservation

Tooth extractions can cause bone loss over time.

Besides using your own teeth as a bone grafting material, we also use other materials, which can be your own jaw bone or other lab made synthetic materials which can be placed in the form of granule/powder or gel. This will create new bone in few months and it has no animal products.

Oral cancer detection

Studies show that mouth cancer is on the increase and that early detection dramatically improves the chances of recovery. Late detection of mouth cancers has resulted in a higher proportion of deaths per number of cases than breast cancer, cervical cancer or skin melanoma, with about 2,700 deaths per year in the UK. Mouth cancer screening is a simple procedure performed at a dental practice that involves the following:

  1. A detailed analysis of your oral health history to determine any risk factors that you might have.
  2. A thorough examination of the outside of your mouth, head and neck by observation and touch.
  3. A thorough internal examination of your mouth, including the inside of your cheeks and under your tongue.
  4. A handheld scanning device may also be used to examine any lumps or lesions that you might have.
  5. Any inconclusive findings will be referred to a specialist consultant.

It is recommended that you come in for a screening on a yearly basis. If you have any sores, lumps or long-term ulcers in your mouth, no matter how small, it is very important that you come in to have it looked at. Because smoking is strongly linked with many forms of cancer and other dental problems, we always encourage our patients to quit smoking. An excellent source of information is the Mouth Cancer Foundation if you require any further information.

Biopsies and Oral Cancer Screening

At Kingston Dental Clinic, we are able to diagnose and safely remove small suspicious lumps in the mouth and send it to an external pathology laboratory to have it analysed. Prevention is key to prevent any further complications. Full comprehensive oral cancer checks are performed at examination and relevant referrals can be made as required.

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