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Teeth Whitening and Brightening
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"Definitely the go-to dental clinic in Kingston! Fantastic service from Dr. Dipil and Dr. Asha. I went in for a teeth cleaning and whitening service and was incredibly impressed by the quality of the service and how friendly all staff were - highly recommend"
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Teeth Whitening and Brightening in Kingston Upon Thames

Air Flow Polishing

Do you have stained or discoloured teeth? If so, Air Polishing could be ideal for you.

Teeth can become stained by drinking tea, coffee or red wine amongst other things. Air Polishing allows us to “jet polish”the teeth to remove staining quickly and effectively for a brighter appearance. It can be booked as a separate treatment, or part of your regular dental hygiene programme.

Home Bleaching

We will provide you with custom made trays and bleaching gel following careful assessment. You may weare them overnight and results can be seen from days to a few weeks. You will have photographs taken before and after, for a safe long lasting treatment, guided by your dentist.

You can potentially use the same trays to top up in the future.

In Office

An ideal option if you have a special occasion coming up and want quicker results! You will also receive top up trays for home maintenance.

Our Smile Transformations

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