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Younger and smarter-looking smiles

People really notice each other’s smiles. Clocking each other’s smiles is hard-wired into us from millions of years ago when our ancestors had to be able to tell at a distance whether that hominid they came across was friendly or not, and the showing of the teeth and the crinkling of the eyes became the global non-verbal signal of peace.

Even today, although we have many other ways of communicating, what your smile looks like has a profound effect on the people you meet. At Kingston Dental Clinic, your cosmetic dentist in Kingston, we can help you make sure that your first impression is a positive one.

Cosmetic Dentist in KingstonGetting the colour right

The colour of your teeth says a lot about you. If you have yellower teeth, no matter how healthy they may be, people are going to assume you are older than you are. White teeth are associated with youth because as we age, the enamel on our teeth wears thin and the yellower dentin below starts to show through. The cosmetic dentist in Kingston can help you whiten your teeth with the Enlighten whitening system, the only whitening system in the world that guarantees a B1 shade, the whitest shade in the UK.

We make you a set of whitening trays that fit your teeth precisely. You can then take the kit home and whiten your teeth at your convenience. You can also combine home whitening with a power whitening session with the cosmetic dentist in Kingston.

Beyond whitening

Although teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment, you can combine it with other treatments to create what we in the dental profession call a smile makeover.

We can cover over chips, cracks and minor misalignments, as well as any stains that won’t respond to teeth whitening, which only works on surface stains.

We can also deal with gaps between teeth, straighten wonky teeth and create a more harmonious ratio between gums and teeth.

If you would like to find out more about how the cosmetic dentist in Kingston can transform your smile, book in for a consultation with us today.

Anti-wrinkle treatments

Smoothing out laughter lines and wrinkles is really as simple as walking into a dentist’s surgery. They may take years to create, but wrinkles can be wiped away in seconds. Wrinkles form due to our skin getting older and losing that youthful elasticity. They can also be caused by sun damage. At our clinic in Kingston, Botox is fast becoming a standard way of vanquishing those unwanted lines.

Botox in KingstonHere at Kingston Dental Clinic, we want to make sure our patients get the highest standard of care and attention. Our aim for our patients is to create a natural result, retaining a normal expression but also receiving a youthful appearance.

Receiving Botox in Kingston has never been so simple. We can organise a consultation with you where we can explain in detail what is undertaken during an anti-ageing treatment. We can often carry out the treatment on the day of consultation if that is the desire of the patient. Treatment is quick and simple and patients can return to their day to day activities immediately.

The benefits of Botox

Since Botox is a non-invasive medical procedure it makes it a popular and effective choice for an anti-ageing treatment. A small amount of botulinum toxin (Botox) is injected into the desired area, and over the next few days, it causes the muscle to relax, the result being smooth skin once more.

How often you choose to have anti-wrinkle injections is entirely your decision. Treatment usually lasts between 3-4 months and after that you it is your choice whether to have repeat injections. The effect of the Botox can vary from patient to patient. It can take between 3-5 days for the Botox to take effect and can possibly take up two weeks before the full effect can be seen. After the Botox has been injected, patients can carry on with their day. It is that fast and easy.

Botox in Kingston is a quick and convenient way to smooth out lines without the need for surgery. There is no preparation necessary and no recovery time required.  In and out in half an hour, but with years taken off.

Enhance your smile to enhance your life

It is a fact that a smile is one of the first things that people notice, especially when meeting someone new. It is not that hard to imagine then, why so many people are opting to find a good cosmetic dentist in Kingston to improve their smile and consequently their ‘first appearances’. If you have a confident smile this can be a reflection on the confidence of your entire being.

Cosmetic Dentist in KingstonAt Kingston Dental Clinic, we understand the importance of a beautiful smile for our patients and that smile is always strived for by our dedicated cosmetic dentist. In Kingston, we are enthusiastic and happy to offer all treatments to enhance your smile and for everything else that follows from that.

Why choose Kingston Dental Clinic

We offer a range of smile enhancing treatments. Ranging from treatments for replacing missing teeth, straightening crooked teeth, whitening teeth or even wrinkle reduction treatments.

Our cosmetic dentist in Kingston can offer you a teeth-whitening treatment which can either be completed, relaxing in the comfort of our clinic or you can take a teeth whitening kit home to use in the privacy of your own home. To make your teeth even whiter, we offer the chance to replace any metal fillings with white porcelain ones.

If you are conscious of your misaligned teeth, we offer a discreet innovative design called Invisalign. This revolutionises the braces system. Clear plastic aligners are used to gently guide your teeth into place. They are removable also, which makes them very popular.

If you are acutely aware of those extra fine lines on your forehead or around your eyes, then our cosmetic dentist in Kingston can offer you wrinkle reduction treatments to restore that youthful appearance.

Our smile makeovers are always achieved with the modern technology and equipment, performed in our sterile and hygienic clinic and accomplished with the highest level of skill.

Whatever it is you require, our cosmetic dentist in Kingston is happy to discuss with you any dental treatment that you desire in order to hold your head up high and take on life with a confident smile.

Reduce the signs of ageing

Have you ever had that moment when you glance in the mirror and wondered “Who is that person?” “Where has the time gone?” Ah, what some of us would give to stay young forever. Unfortunately, time stops for no one, but here at Kingston Dental Clinic, we can gently counteract the tell-tale signs of ageing without the hassle or expense of surgery. As for most aesthetic treatments, when you receive Botox in Kingston, it can reinvigorate your state of wellbeing. Worry lines, frown lines, crow’s feet… these are all wrinkles caused by repetitive muscular contractions. They are difficult to prevent and almost impossible to lose after they have already been created.

Botox in KingstonWhat is Botox

At our practice in Kingston, Botox is a soft and simple approach to smoothing skin. It relaxes the muscles into which the Botox has been injected, releasing them from the furrows that have been ingrained over the years. Botox in Kingston creates a natural result, giving a smoother appearance whilst maintaining normal facial expressions.

Receiving Botox is a safe and quick procedure. It is possibly the most popular non-surgical anti-ageing treatment to date. Not does it only release the deep furrowed lines, but it can also reduce the appearance of any unwanted fine lines too. Botox is a temporary procedure and when the Botox starts to fade, the muscles regenerate their strength which can mean the return of the wrinkles.

At our practice in Kingston, Botox can be reinjected and the treatment repeated to keep you feeling and looking good. Botox will not prevent you from showing other facial expressions. An initial consultation is arranged where we can discuss and advise on whatever personal needs you wish to undertake. The treatment itself can take as little as 15 minutes and after the procedure has been completed, you can carry on with your daily routine without fuss. We can even do the treatment on the day of consultation if that is required.

So, if you have been that person looking in the mirror, then why not treat yourself to a more youthful appearance today and call Kingston Dental Clinic to arrange a consultation.

The benefits of a smile

Everyone loves a beautiful smile. Even science agrees that smiling is good for you. Studies show that grinning a genuine grin (one where your eyes crinkle up) can reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, lower stress and anxiety levels and strengthen your immune system. It also releases a cascade of positive chemicals such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, giving you a warm and fuzzy feeling.

And it can help you relate to others too. When we see another smile, we almost can’t help but smile back. Psychological studies say that smiling makes you more attractive and gives others the feeling that you are warm, friendly and open. All of this builds rapport and makes relationship easier.

Cosmetic Dentist in KingstonSo far from being a purely superficial concern, feeling good about your smile can have all kinds of life benefits. If you feel at ease in yourself and relationships run smoothly, this makes so much more possible in your work and social life.

Create a brand-new smile

So, the benefits of smiling are many. Question is, have you joined the smile party? Do you feel able to fully express your grin? If you have doubts about your teeth, a trip to the cosmetic dentist in Kingston could be in order.

And it’s no wonder more and more people want to visit the cosmetic dentist in Kingston. At Kingston Dental Clinic, we offer many different treatments to boost the brilliance of your teeth, including:

  • Teeth whitening – get brighter teeth in-clinic or at-home with the Enliven whitening system. Guarantees a B1 shade, the whitest shade available in the UK.
  • Dental veneers – thin, porcelain sheaths that fit over the front of your teeth, covering up small gaps, stains and chips.
  • Teeth straightening – we use Invisalign clear aligners to correct mild to moderate misalignments of the teeth.
  • Restorations – bridges, dentures, crowns and dental implants, whether you have cracked, chipped or missing teeth, we can fill in the gaps with natural looking replacements.
  • Smile makeovers – combine two or more treatments for a complete makeover of your smile.

Find out more

Call into the surgery today or give us a call and talk to our cosmetic dentist in Kingston about how you can join the smile party.

What is Botox in Kingston?

Our society is increasingly focused on looking younger for longer. The endless parade of selfies on social media offer more and more opportunities for us to present a perfect picture of ourselves. Are you happy with yours?

Here at Kingston Dental Clinic, we know from talking to our patients that cosmetic work is not just about looks. How we look deeply affects our self-esteem, confidence, relationships and sense of wellbeing. If we feel at ease with how we look, we are more relaxed with ourselves and others, and it makes so much more possible in our personal and professional lives.

Botox in KingstonWe offer Botox in Kingston as a natural extension of our existing cosmetic dental work. As highly trained medical professionals, we are well-suited to safely apply these delicate and precise treatments, to help you regain a more youthful appearance.

As dentists, we study the complex and intricate anatomy of the face for five years as part of our training. We also administer injections regularly in our practice. This knowledge really matters with Botox because it means that we know just where to place the injection for the most natural-looking effect. The aim is to do just enough to relax the muscles, but not enough to give you the frozen face look or reduce sensitivity.

How does it work?

Boxt is an anti-ageing treatment that works by injecting botulinum toxin type A, a purified protein made safe for cosmetic use, into wrinkles. This relaxes the muscles, causing the face to look smoother. Treatable areas include:

  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet at the side of the eyes
  • Forehead lines
  • Lines around the mouth and top lip.

The treatment takes 20-30 minutes and you will see results within a few days. The effects will start to wear off after about three months, so when this starts to happen you can book in for a top up treatment.

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Want to look your best in Kingston? Botox could help to boost your confidence and feelings of self-esteem. Call into the surgery today and talk to our Botox clinicians to find out if it’s right for you.

More than pure self-indulgence

Our self-confidence is, to a good degree, linked to how good we feel about how we look. If we are worrying that something about our looks isn’t good enough, it can stop us from being as spontaneous, friendly and adventurous as we would otherwise be. When it’s our smile that is quietly making us unhappy, we don’t use it as often. That’s quite a social challenge, because humans are hard-wired to use each other’s smiles to assess levels of warmth, friendliness and co-operation.

Cosmetic Dentist in KingstonIf you have a problem with your smile, it really is a good idea to have a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in Kingston at Kingston Dental Clinic.

Maybe you have one tiny, or glaring, problem that’s been worrying you for years. Maybe you are just generally unhappy with a smile that’s not quite cutting the mustard in so many ways that you have no idea where to begin to make it into a thing of beauty.

As our cosmetic dentist in Kingston will tell you when you come to see us, there is a wide range of treatments that can transform your smile. These days, there really is nothing we can’t fix, either with one treatment or another.

We can offer single treatments, when you already know what you want. Or we can put together a package of treatments, after a detailed consultation, into a smile makeover.

A smile makeover requires extra skills from your cosmetic dentist in Kingston, because it’s not only about which treatments can help, but what order to do them in to bring out the best in your smile. For example, if you’re having your teeth whitened, and having veneers, you need to decide how white you want to go, get the veneers to match and then do the whitening itself. This is because porcelain veneers cannot be bleached. Similarly, it’s best to wait until after you’ve had your teeth straightened before you get them whitened.

Whatever you choose to have done, we will supply you with a written treatment plan, with costs attached, so that you know how many appointments you will need and how much you are going to spend.

All you need to know about Botox in Kingston

There was a time when the thought of dentists performing Botox would have raised an eyebrow or two, but this is no longer the case. As a matter of fact, dentists are more equipped to deliver Botox injections because they deal with the head and neck region more than most doctors. Dentists are also aware of the proper ratios of lips to teeth, how much of the teeth should be visible in a full or partial smile, and how the teeth relate to the soft tissue surrounding the mouth. All these reasons make them ideal for delivering Botox injections.

Botox in KingstonAt Kingston Dental Clinic, our aim is to make our patients feel beautiful about their smile and overall appearance. For this reason, we offer non-surgical aesthetic treatments such as Botox in Kingston. This service is available to all patients, even if you are not seeking cosmetic dental treatment. Our experienced dentists are especially trained in total facial aesthetics in order to provide you with the best treatment possible.

What is Botox?

Botox (medically known as Botulinum toxin) is a very popular treatment that enables patients to obtain a more youthful and fresh appearance. Botox blocks the nerve muscles and can cause facial expression lines or wrinkles to disappear for a while. Areas that are commonly treated with Botox are frown lines located between the eyes, crow’s feet around the eyes and forehead wrinkles.

Botox is diluted by our dentist to a very controlled solution and, when injected into the muscles with a very thin needle, is almost painless. Botox injections soften deep wrinkles and the effect can last for several months. However, for optimal results, Botox injections should be repeated every few months.

What can I expect during the procedure?

Patients may feel a slight burning sensation while the solution is being injected into the skin. However, this will not last long. The procedure takes about 15-20 minutes and the results last from 3-5 months. Botox is appropriate for most adults who are healthy enough to receive cosmetic treatment.

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Achieve a beautiful smile by visiting a cosmetic dentist in Kingston

It is not possible to overemphasise the emotional, social and even professional benefits that a beautiful smile can give you. However, not everyone is born with a perfect set of teeth. If you find that you cover your mouth when you smile, or even avoid smiling because you are afraid to show your teeth, maybe it’s time to consider cosmetic dentistry.

At Kingston Dental Clinic, cosmetic dentistry is the art of smile enhancement. From powerful, professional whitening treatments to natural-looking porcelain veneers to a complete smile makeover, we offer a wide range of treatments that are specifically designed for your individual needs. Our cosmetic dentist in Kingston will examine your teeth thoroughly and help you decide which treatment is right for you.

Cosmetic Dentist in KingstonTeeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic treatment that is designed to restore whiteness back to your teeth. As we age, our teeth tend to become yellow and discoloured and this is the result of many factors including caffeine, red wine, smoking and certain medications. Luckily, professional teeth whitening can restore the brightness of your teeth safely and effectively. Our teeth whitening treatments can be performed either in the dentist’s chair or in the comfort of your own home. Both procedures are supervised by our cosmetic dentist in Kingston and have proven to be highly effective over time.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are hand-crafted, thin shells of dental porcelain that are glued to the front teeth. They are stain resistant and custom-coloured to blend with your natural teeth. Veneers can dramatically transform your smile by correcting flaws like permanently stained, gapped, chipped, cracked, crooked and misshapen teeth.

Smile makeovers

As the name suggests a smile makeover is an improved version of your smile, designed to look better in many ways. A smile makeover is a combination of more than one cosmetic treatments and involves more than one tooth. The most frequent treatments used in a smile makeover are multiple porcelain veneers because they are strong and highly aesthetic.

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A more youthful appearance

As you get older, you’ll naturally develop wrinkles and lines on the skin of your face. If you have more than your fair share of these lines, you’ll tend to look a bit older than you really are. The things you eat and drink, your lifestyle, and your amount of exposure to the sun can all contribute to an older appearance. As well as all this, the skin tends to lose its ability to rejuvenate itself as you age.

At the Kingston Dental Clinic, we can treat this undesirable condition with a simple treatment. Botox in Kingston is a carefully-controlled injection that affects the tiny facial muscles associated with lines and wrinkles. It is a speedy procedure that can produce a more relaxed and youthful-looking face.

Botox in KingstonWhat does Botox in Kingston do?

Our experienced dental aesthetics team will put you at ease while they deliver your treatment of Botox in Kingston. The active ingredient in Botox is called botulinum toxin. Once this is injected into your skin, it will block the nerve impulses in the muscles which cause them to contract and create wrinkles. You’ll have smoother skin in the affected areas.

Where to apply Botox

In Kingston, Botox is often used on the most common signs of ageing:

  • Crow’s feet around your eyes
  • Lines along the forehead and between the eyes
  • Smoker’s lines around the top lip and the mouth.

You’ll receive the injections in the relaxing surroundings of our modern-day dental practice. It usually only takes about 10 minutes to perform the procedure. Afterwards, the results will be noticeable within a few days of the injection.

Maintaining the benefits

In Kingston, Botox is a popular way to regain a smoother, more youthful facial appearance. Sometimes people can be put off the process by fears of losing skin sensitivity, or being unable to make facial expressions. These fears are usually unfounded. The injection is delivered to very specific, isolated facial muscles, and does not produce a permanent transformation. As the Botox wears off over several months, the muscles become stronger. Some patients repeat their treatments twice a year. Others only use it before important social occasions.