Utilizing Extracted Teeth for Bone Regeneration: Kingston Dental Clinic’s Breakthrough Approach


In the field of dentistry, bone regeneration plays a vital role in restoring the functionality and aesthetics of the oral cavity. Traditionally, dentists have relied on various materials to promote bone growth, such as synthetic grafts, allografts (human cadaveric bone), and xenografts (animal bone such as cow or pig). However, recent advancements have brought forth an innovative and sustainable solution: utilizing extracted teeth as a bone regeneration material. Kingston Dental Clinic, led by Dr. Dipil Nathalal, has been at the forefront of this cutting-edge technique, leveraging his clinical expertise and extensive research to achieve remarkable results.

 tooth-derived-bone-regenerationThe Science behind Tooth-Derived Bone Regeneration

Teeth contain a wealth of valuable biological material, including dentin, enamel, and the periodontal ligament. Dentin, the hard tissue beneath the enamel, is particularly beneficial for bone regeneration due to its rich supply of growth factors and bioactive molecules. These components possess osteoinductive properties, meaning they can stimulate the formation of new bone tissue. The utilization of tooth-derived materials minimizes the risk of rejection or allergic reactions, as they are sourced directly from the patient, having the same regenerative properties as the patient´s own bone tissue.

Dr. Dipil Nathalal: A Pioneer in Tooth-Derived Bone Regeneration

At Kingston Dental Clinic, Dr. Dipil Nathalal is a trailblazer in the field of tooth-derived bone regeneration. With his extensive clinical experience and passion for research, Dr. Nathalal has dedicated himself to exploring and refining this innovative technique. His expertise has earned him recognition as a leading authority in the dental community for this topic. Dr.Nathalal’s commitment to advancing the field has resulted in numerous published studies and his involvement in groundbreaking research.


The Benefits of Tooth-Derived Bone Regeneration

  1. Improved Biocompatibility: Tooth-derived materials are autogenous, meaning they are obtained from the patient’s own body, thereby reducing the risk of rejection or complications.
  2. Enhanced Regeneration: The bioactive molecules found in dentin help to stimulate the growth of new bone tissue, promoting faster and more effective regeneration.
  3. Sustainable and Cost-Effective: Utilizing extracted teeth as a bone regeneration material eliminates the need for synthetic or donor grafts, reducing both environmental impact and overall treatment costs.
  4. Convenience and Accessibility: When the patients extract a tooth, this technique offers a readily accessible and affordable solution for them requiring bone regeneration procedures. In most cases, it also eliminates the need to do an additional surgery to harvest bone from another part of the jaw or body.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Kingston Dental Clinic has witnessed numerous success stories, where patients have experienced remarkable bone regeneration outcomes through Dr.Nathalal’s expertise and the utilization of tooth-derived materials. These cases demonstrate the immense potential of this technique, offering hope to patients facing challenges such as dental implant placement, ridge augmentation, or periodontal bone loss. And it takes only 5 more minutes. The patients find it very interactive and interesting as they can see the whole process of their own tooth being recycled in the Kometabio Smart Dentin Grinder and reused to regenerate their own bone tissue.


The use of extracted teeth as a bone regeneration material represents a groundbreaking approach in modern dentistry. Kingston Dental Clinic, under the guidance of Dr. Dipil Nathalal, is leading the way in harnessing this innovative technique to achieve exceptional outcomes. By capitalizing on the unique properties of tooth-derived materials, patients can benefit from improved biocompatibility, enhanced regeneration, and cost-effective treatment options. As the field of dentistry continues to evolve, we push the boundaries of innovation, offering patients a brighter and more promising future for oral health and well-being.