More than pure self-indulgence

Our self-confidence is, to a good degree, linked to how good we feel about how we look. If we are worrying that something about our looks isn’t good enough, it can stop us from being as spontaneous, friendly and adventurous as we would otherwise be. When it’s our smile that is quietly making us unhappy, we don’t use it as often. That’s quite a social challenge, because humans are hard-wired to use each other’s smiles to assess levels of warmth, friendliness and co-operation.

Cosmetic Dentist in KingstonIf you have a problem with your smile, it really is a good idea to have a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in Kingston at Kingston Dental Clinic.

Maybe you have one tiny, or glaring, problem that’s been worrying you for years. Maybe you are just generally unhappy with a smile that’s not quite cutting the mustard in so many ways that you have no idea where to begin to make it into a thing of beauty.

As our cosmetic dentist in Kingston will tell you when you come to see us, there is a wide range of treatments that can transform your smile. These days, there really is nothing we can’t fix, either with one treatment or another.

We can offer single treatments, when you already know what you want. Or we can put together a package of treatments, after a detailed consultation, into a smile makeover.

A smile makeover requires extra skills from your cosmetic dentist in Kingston, because it’s not only about which treatments can help, but what order to do them in to bring out the best in your smile. For example, if you’re having your teeth whitened, and having veneers, you need to decide how white you want to go, get the veneers to match and then do the whitening itself. This is because porcelain veneers cannot be bleached. Similarly, it’s best to wait until after you’ve had your teeth straightened before you get them whitened.

Whatever you choose to have done, we will supply you with a written treatment plan, with costs attached, so that you know how many appointments you will need and how much you are going to spend.